How to Live a Balanced Life in 4 Steps

How to Live a Balanced Life in 4 Steps

 Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not only essential for well-being, but also it has a huge impact on your productivity and your business success as well. In the long run, healthy habits make a big difference. 

 We get it, it is hard to break bad habits. In order to help, we recommend the book « Atomic Habits » from James Clear which states, “Success is the product of daily habits—not once-in-a-lifetime transformations.” So, if you find yourself struggling to remedy a bad habit or break one, we recommend to read this book. 

We are here to suggest ways of living a more balanced life through 4 steps shown below: 


1. Get good rest 

 Resting is essential and fundamental part of the success, health, and happiness. In the digital world, and modern lifestyle it is becoming more and more difficult to find time for yourself. No matter what your schedule is or what you need to accomplish, resting and unplugging is vital for your long term health. 


2. Smile and laugh!

As simple as it may seem, laughing is something we might forget and we underestimate the importance of in our daily life. It can help one decrease stress, strengthen your immune system, improve your mood, reduce pain, and increase productivity. 

“A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.”– William Arthur Ward


3. Just say « No »

« Can you help me ? » 

« Do you have a minute ? » 

« Check on this before to leave, please » 

« We can fully rely on you » 

You are essential to your friends, co-workers, family, but it is important to know your limitations. Everyone likes to help and give support; however, being able to say no could truly help you reduce the stress in your life. Finding time to take care of yourself and set back your priorities is extremely necessary. 

So, learn how to give your « yes » much more power ! 


4. Live with a purpose 

This means doing what truly matters to you in alignment with your values and beliefs. When you aren’t being you, everything becomes sad and difficult. 

When you realize your purpose, life is right. Things are easy, and everything just works. 

Remember to reflect on your goals and values at least weekly. Before you know it, life will move on by - The key is to make your life have purpose & meaning! This will slow time down and bring your mind back to the current moment.


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