Track Your Order

Hey Bravo Shoppers!

Excited about your online order? Here's a quick guide to track it, whether you have an account or not:

If You Have an Account:

  1. Log In: Head to the Bravo website and log in.
  2. Order History: Find "Order History" in your account.
  3. Click Your Order: Click on your recent order.
  4. Get the Number: Grab the tracking number.
  5. Carrier's Site: Go to the carrier's website and enter the number.
  6. Follow the Updates: Track your package as it gets closer.
  7. Optional Alerts: Want updates? Opt for notifications.
  8. Questions? Ask Us: Any issues? Contact our customer service.

If You Don't Have an Account:

  1. Order Confirmation Email: Check your email for the order confirmation. Your tracking details are usually there.
  2. Tracking Number: Snag the tracking number—it's your golden ticket.
  3. Carrier's Website: Visit the carrier's website and input your number.
  4. Follow the Map: Watch your package's journey unfold with real-time updates.
  5. Optional Alerts: If you're the notification type, sign up for alerts on the carrier's site.

Enjoy the wait, and get ready to rock your new stuff! 

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