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3 Epsom Bath Salts

3 Epsom Bath Salts

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Includes: set of 3 16oz. bags of lavender, vanilla, and coconut epsom salts & wooden scooping spoon & 15ml essential tea tree oil

Soak yourself in a lavish, refreshing, all-natural Lavender, Vanilla, or Coconut bath epsom salt. These salts are made with pure natural ingredients and essential oils that hydrate and moisturize the skin. 

Add a few spoons of Epsom bath salt into your bathtub or foot bath by using the cut wooden spoon included in the package. The salts dissolve quickly in warm water leaving no residue. You can also deeply exfoliate your skin in the shower or foot spa by mixing Epsom salt with shower gel, tea tree oil or olive oil and massage onto wet skin.

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