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Wood LED Desk Clock

Wood LED Desk Clock

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Revitalize your bedroom, living room, or office with this modern and elegant voice-controlled alarm clock. Its sleek design seamlessly complements any contemporary office or home furniture. Crafted for simplicity, this clock features no visible buttons or plastic elements on the front and sides, offering a clean and sophisticated appearance.

The bright and adjustable LED lights provide a clear display of time, date, humidity, and temperature, enhancing the overall modern aesthetic. Convenience meets customization with the ability to set up to 3 alarms in quick intervals, replacing the traditional snooze function.

This multi-function digital alarm clock operates in both 12h and 24h formats, displaying indoor humidity and temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit. Choose between daily and weekday alarms, each ringing for 1 minute. With dual power modes—USB cable (included) or 4 AAA batteries (not included)—this alarm clock effortlessly combines style and functionality. Elevate your wake-up routine by ordering this versatile digital alarm clock today!

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