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Pilates Ring 17" Fitness Circle

Pilates Ring 17" Fitness Circle

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Elevate your fitness routine with our Pilates Ring, a 17-inch circle designed for Pilates and versatile resistance training. Ideal for toning, sculpting, and strengthening arms, legs, and core muscles, this lightweight yet durable magic circle is perfect for at-home or studio workouts.

Key Features:

  • Padded Handles for Comfort: Non-slip foam handles ensure a secure grip, enhancing your positioning and providing added comfort during compression exercises.
  • Lightweight & Flexible: Achieve the resistance you need with this lightweight yet durable Pilates ring. Its flexible design contracts upon pressure, delivering an effective workout for targeted muscle groups.
  • Tone & Sculpt Muscles: Incorporate the Pilates ring into your routine to strengthen muscles effectively. Whether at home or in the studio, this versatile tool is designed to enhance your fitness journey.

Sport Type: Weightlifting


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